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Caring Hands Ministries serves homeless and at risk children, frail senior citizens and other people in need in Southern Appalachia because God cares. 2009 is our 14th year of showing His care this way.

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A HUNGRY BABY CRIES His grandma cries too as she wonders where his mother is and how she can find the strength and money to raise another child.

AN 80 YEAR OLD COUPLE SHIVERS IN THE DARK. They had to make a choice between paying the light bill and buying his heart medicine. He told her not to but she bought his medicine anyway.

A YOUNG MOTHER IS PRAYING She knows her baby needs a warm safe home but she doesn"t have the money for a deposit.

A DAD IS PRAYING TOO He found a job but now the car won't start and there is no money to buy a battery till payday and no payday if he cant get a way to go to work.

A SILENT FIGURE PASSES BY He is looking for a few more cans to sell. He used to have a good job but the factory moved away. He got some unemployment for a while but it ran out and no one seems to want to hire a 60 year old with a bad back.

TWO CHILDREN ARE SLEEPING IN A CAR They still have bad dreams about the fire that destroyed their trailer and its cold even wrapped up in mamas coat. Mama must be even colder without it as she tries to figure out how to have a home again.

A FAMILY REJOICES They don't have a lot of things but in their hearts they found the love that made them want to help their neighbors. They know someone has a home and food because they care.


Contact us at PO BOx 2681 Cleveland, GA 30528


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The average homeless person in our area is an 8 yr old child.

When you try to live on under $500 a month sometimes you have to choose between food and medicine

Babies & preschoolers are the fastest growing part of the homeless population

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About names and photos: All stories about clients in these pages and links are real. Names have been changed to protect the person's privacy and prevent them from being embarrassed. For the same reasons we use stock and clip art photos rather than pictures of people we help. We do not want children and teens who comes across the site on net at school to see their picture or their friends or grandparents picture and be embarrassed in front of their friends etc