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MediMatch a life saving solution


"I told you not to buy my heart medicine.    I  know I'll go to heaven if I die but you gotta have some heat in here or we'll both die!"   His new heart medicine cost more than half his social security check
DFACS came again 'cause TR went in the road
with no pants on.  I try to watch him good
but sometimes I just kind of pass out
if my sugar gets too high  She'd always worked and
supported her children, and now her grandchildren
but the factory closed and no one wanted to hire
a 56 yr old in poor health.  Her sister came to us so worried
I can work and keep a roof over our heads
no problem. It's just this medicine the doctor said
I gotta take is too expensive but if I die who'll watch
out after my children. I don't want to quit
and go one welfare but do I really have a choice?
Because of MediMatch there is a choice.  
The family can continue to be self supporting

What is MediMatch?  Who needs it?  Why?

What is MediMatch?
MediMatch is a practical way to help people who need ongoing medicines but can't afford them connect to programs that provide them. 
Who Needs MediMatch?
MediMatch serves people who do not have other ways to pay for prescription medicines they have to have.  Many of the people we serve are disabled but not yet approved for disability or receiving Disability but not yet eligible for Medicare.   Others are able to work and meet their own basic needs but can not afford high costs of medicines.
Why is MediMatch Needed?
Every month we get calls for help from someone who is facing a choice of risking their life by going without essential medicine so they and their family can have food, or a place to stay, or electricity or heat.   Which would you choose if it were you?
How Does MediMatch Work?
Caring Hands Ministries is an affiliate of NeedyMeds the single best source of information about programs that help with medicines and mnedicalsupplies.  Volunteers talk with people who need MediMatch help and find out what prescription medicines they need and what their ncome and other qualifying factors are.    These volunteers or othr volunteers with more computer research skills o through the NeedyMeds data bases to match the person's need to a program that can help them.  They then follow up withy the person and if necessary with their doctor to be sure forms are filled out and the person does get their medicine.

MediMatch is a simple very low cost solution to a problem that can cost lives.
Just this week we leaerned about a young man 28 in North GA who died because he didn't have medicine he needed for diabetes, kidney, and heart problems.   Could MediMatch have saved his life.  .We can only wonder.  I wish we had known in time to try,