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Volunteers Needed

Everything Caring Hands Does Is Done By Volunteers
Please call 706 219-1980 or email us at to volunteer

Volunteers are needed now
Some things can be done from home
__Help with food drives and collections
__Help straighten and stock food shelves
__Help people get medicines they need
through patient assistance programs
(Internet skills needed for this one)
__Be a listening ear and a caring heart
__Help with fund raising
__Help with Independence Enterprises
__Be Client Advocates
__Help with Seeds of Hope (Food Sharing Gardens)
__Help with office work
__Help with research on Internet

Volunteers help because they care. Many of our volunteers have faced problems similar to those our clients now face so they serve as examples Others share their professional skills or talents. All are very important.

Many of our best volunteers are teens Please see the pictures below.
Your Internet skills, your enthusiasm, and your muscles can make a big difference. Look at the list to the left and see what you can do. Share your own ideas with us.

More things for Teen
Right Now we need
Your Internet Skills (with your parent's permission)to help find medicine assistance programs on NeedyMeds
Your help collecting food for ppl in need

The Great $1 Challenge

Sharing Outgrown Clothes

Making Christmas Merrier

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